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Owning, leasing, or developing property is a big part of everyone’s life, and it usually involves some of the largest expenses (and therefore risks) you will have. Whether you are running a business, investing in some property, or just trying to find yourself a decent place to live, you will need to get some quality legal advice.

Our lawyers have considerable experience in the property and construction industries. Besides providing legal advice for clients in these industries for many years, they also owned various property investment companies and construction companies. Accordingly, SLG Lawyers has the professional and commercial experience which you may not get at other law firms. We have been in your position before, and we are ready to give you holistic advice.


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We have a growing conveyancing practice and we can look after you whether you are a buyer or seller, including:

• Existing homes
• Off-the-plan developments
• Strata, company and community title

We will review the contract, check existing covenants on the negotiate with the other party, carry out the conveyancing process and attend settlement for you.

We guarantee you competitive rates (at a fixed price) and excellent service.


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In both the personal and business sphere, leasing is an increasingly relevant option (especially in today’s market!).  Whether you are landlord or tenant, we can help you negotiate the terms of your lease so you won’t be locked in an untenable situation.

We act in relation to:

• Drafting and advising on lease terms
• Issuing or defending termination notices
• Recovery of rental bonds
• Advising on legislative frameworks such as the Retail Tenancies Act and the Retail Leases Act;
• Lease assignments
• Breach of lease provisions, including acting in the tribunal or in court to claim compensation or arrears.


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Strata schemes are becoming more widespread. We act for strata managers and owners’ corporations and help them with their day-to-day legal needs such as:

• Drafting of bylaws and management statements
• Compliance with legislative and regulatory instruments
• Advising in relation to problematic lot owners

We also act for private persons who are having issues with strata managers or owners’ corporations.


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There are just so many issues which can arise when you are purchasing, selling or developing a property, and considering the financial outlay involved, the last thing you want is to be stuck in and costly and arduous dispute. Even when leasing a property (whether personally or for your business), being constantly at odds with your landlord or tenant can take a serious toll on you.

We can provide you advice in relation to:

• Disputes over build contracts and with contractors and developers, including costs of variations, failure to keep up with schedules and so on
• Conveyancing disputes, including issues arising from off-the-plan purchases
• Landlord tenant disputes, including unpaid rent, eviction notices and damage to property



Theo EnglishBelance
Doron is very attentive and is always available for a quick phone call to discuss any legal issues our business has. It’s really nice speaking to someone who has expertise across a range of legal areas and who doesn’t charge you for every conversation. This means we can get his advice before making major decisions rather than just call him after the damage has been done. We're very happy with his services and would highly recommend SLG Lawyers!
Alexander EismanAeona
Fantastic service, Always made themselves available when needed. Great advice and got us out of a situation that could've been catastrophic for our business and very reasonable priced especially when compared to quotes from other firms. Highly recommend.
Ashley Mazabow
There was absolutely no one better to trust with the legal work for the purchase of my first home than Doron and SLG Lawyers. It was an absolute pleasure to work with someone who answers all of your questions immediately and gets straight to the point, and they reviewed multiple contracts for me all for a capped fee. Great expertise, low prices, and a personal touch – what more could you ask for?
Raymund Venzin, DirectorVenzin Group
We’d like to express our gratitude to SLG Lawyers for the work they have done for us over the years. The expertise and attention they have showed to our company have been invaluable. Their readiness to immediately review contracts and leases and provide straight-to-the-point advice has helped us set up multiple restaurants with minimum hassle. It is refreshing to work with lawyers who have the commercial knowledge and are committed to helping us get a deal done. We love SLG lawyers’ relationship-based approach and we plan on staying with them for a long time.
Isaac Koren, Director and OwnerSTS Stone
SLG Lawyers have provided us with advice across a whole range of legal issues. They have negotiated and drafted the trading agreements of my business, and have resolved disputes by structuring settlement deals. They have also acted as my conveyancers for a number of transactions, and helped me structure my personal wealth for the future.SLG Lawyers bring a personal touch. We appreciate how they pay prompt attention to our needs, and the fact that they can advise on a whole range of legal AND commercial issues. It makes them a one-stop-shop for all of our legal needs.