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Personal wealth, family law and wills & estate can be some of the most emotionally difficult areas of law. It’s probably because of these emotions, or because people prioritise businesses, that people neglect to effectively plan their private affairs. However, it is incredibly important (both from a financial and emotional perspective) that you obtain quality advice on issues which arise in the personal sphere.

SLG Lawyers have expertise in estate planning and administration for clients of all sizes and complexities, and we have acted in various family law disputes. Let us help you navigate your personal matters so your mind can be at ease.


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An estimated half of Australians die without a will, leaving their financial affairs in a mess for their relatives. Especially if you have a blended family, shaky relationships, or a complicated estate involving corporate or trust entities, it is essential you formulate a comprehensive estate plan.

We can help you strategise a careful estate plan which suits your personal circumstances. This includes:

• Drafting your will, which may include testamentary trusts
• Drafting any mutual will agreements to protect your interests after you have passed
• Preparing powers of attorney so a trusted person can act in your stead if you become incapacitated


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Sadly, a lot of marriages and relationships break down and result in a relatively messy court affair. Your never think it will happen to you but things can get very ugly very quickly.

We provide help across the spectrum of family law issues, including:

• Drafting prenuptial agreements and binding financial agreements
• Helping you through a separation and/or divorce process
• Structuring a property settlement with the other party
• Acting for you in relation to any child custody rights or maintenance orders
• We also have experience in litigating family disputes in court and we pride ourselves on always getting a favourable settlement solution for our clients


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If you are a high net worth individual or family, or you have recently started a job which exposes you a high liability risk, you should think about protecting your assets in case creditors come knocking. This mainly affects:

• Financial advisers and traders
• Company directors (especially public)
• Persons not operating under limited liability
• Persons acting as guarantors

We can provide help by transitioning assets out of your personal name through:

• Drafting gift and loan back arrangements
• Constructing trust structures and drafting trust deeds for discretionary (family) trusts or unit trusts
• Taking all steps to ensure your liability is minimised and your personal wealth is protected.


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After a relative passes, the process of administrating their estate can be difficult and complex, especially to people grieving the loss of a loved one.

We can lift this burden off you and take over the process including:

• Applying for and obtaining probate
• Interpretating the will and communicating with all beneficiaries and executors
• Paying the estate’s debts
• Bringing about the division of the deceased estate
• Dealing with (or bringing any) will challenges and family provision claims


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Why EVERYONE needs a will

December 19, 2016
It is estimated that more than half of all Australians die without a will (or,...


Isaac Koren, Director and OwnerSTS Stone
SLG Lawyers have provided us with advice across a whole range of legal issues. They have negotiated and drafted the trading agreements of my business, and have resolved disputes by structuring settlement deals. They have also acted as my conveyancers for a number of transactions, and helped me structure my personal wealth for the future.SLG Lawyers bring a personal touch. We appreciate how they pay prompt attention to our needs, and the fact that they can advise on a whole range of legal AND commercial issues. It makes them a one-stop-shop for all of our legal needs.