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Sooner or later in life, you are going to fall into a dispute. Whether it’s a customer refusing to pay you, a contractor who did a shoddy job on your home, or your spouse separating from you (knock on wood!), a dispute can get very serious and very ugly, very quickly.

A full-fledged legal dispute in court will most likely be one of the worst experience of your life. It can be outrageously expensive, unreasonably long and considerably stressful if it is not handled correctly.

SLG Lawyers have a wealth of experience in the litigation and disputes space, across a very wide range of possible legal disputes. We have absolutely outstanding results in court and we can proudly say we have only had one bad outcome since the firm’s inception in 2009.


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Every business is bound to run into a situation where it needs to recover a debt from another party. It is important to insist on your rights and move decisively to enforce payment of the debt.

We can help you recover your commercial and personal debts by:

• Drafting letters of demand and statutory demands
• If necessary, commencing civil proceedings and preparing all appropriate documents
• Acting in mediation, arbitration or any other form of alternative dispute resolution
• Obtaining warrants to seize property, garnishee orders or bankruptcy notices against debtors.

We can also help you defend yourself against anyone claiming against you.


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Commercial disputes are ubiquitous in business. Whether you are suing or being sued, whether the dispute is a small matter likely to be settled or a trial in the Supreme Court, we are absolutely confident that we can assist you to get the best possible outcome.

We advise throughout the entire dispute process, including:

• Communicating with the other party and their solicitors
• Preparing pleadings, evidence and all court documents
• Applying for interlocutory relief such as injunctions
• Crafting an optimal settlement offer and drafting a mutual release deed

We have acted across virtually every industry and almost every type of claim, for example:

• Consumer claims, product liability, and trade practices
• Contractual disputes relating to suppliers, distributors, contractors or service providers
• Employment disputes
• Defamation and injurious falsehood


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If you expect the ordeal of buying or selling a business to be over after completion, you have another thing coming. A sale or acquisition of a business is often followed by a series of disputes, some of which end up in lengthy litigation.

We have the expertise to guide you through these situations and act for you in various post-completion disputes, including:

• Bringing or defending warranty claims
• Disputes over earn-out arrangements, retention amounts or post-completion payments
• Disputes over vendor assistance


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When there are multiple owners and investors of a business, there is a high chance a dispute will arise sooner or later, whether regarding how you should run the business, or how an owner may exit the business.

These disputes can bring your business to a grinding halt and undermine its value or progress. They can also leave you stuck in a business without a viable exit option.

We can help you negotiate and resolve the dispute including:

• Negotiating with the other party and their solicitor to bring about an amicable solution and preserve the business relationship
• Advise you on your rights and options under a co-owners agreement
• Commence legal proceedings to enforce your rights and ensure you are not locked out of the decision-making process, force out a rogue co-owner or enable you to exit your business


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There are just so many issues which can arise when you are purchasing, selling or developing a property, and considering the financial outlay involved, the last thing you want is to be stuck in a costly and arduous dispute. Even when leasing a property (whether personally or for your business), being constantly at odds with your landlord or tenant can take a serious toll on you.

We can provide you advice in relation to:

• Disputes over build contracts and with contractors and developers
• Conveyancing disputes, including issues arising from off-the-plan purchases
• Leasing disputes, including unpaid rent, eviction notices, damage to property and rental bond issues


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If your IP rights are being infringed (whether by third-parties, licensees, employee or others), insisting on your IP rights can be a very complicated process.
IP disputes often involve large quantities of evidence and if mishandled can result in the extinguishment of your perceived IP rights.

We can act you for in any dispute relating to IP, including:

• Trademark infringement disputes including seeking injunctions and applying to deregister an opponent’s trademark
• Breach of confidentiality
• Passing off claims
• Claims under the Australian Consumer Law, including misleading and deceptive conduct.


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Family disputes can be the most emotionally taxing and stressful disputes, and can end up in permanent estrangement.

We can help you navigate the dangerous and volatile disputes in relation to:

• Divorce proceedings, including both financial settlements and custody rights
• Will disputes, superannuation disputes, division of trust structures and family provision claims


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If you’ve suffered an injury or damage as a result of someone’s negligent conduct, we may be able to help you obtain compensation.

We have experience in:

• Personal injury claims
• Professional negligence
• Malpractice suits
• All civil and product liability claims.

We can also help you deal with any insurers (whether your own or third-parties).

If you are the subject of a negligence claim, we can help you defend your rights and reduce your liability.


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The costs of running litigation can be staggering, especially to a private person. In consideration of our clients, we not only offer very competitive rates but sometimes consent to assist you with litigation costs in one of two ways:

No-Win No-Fee – under such an arrangement, you will only pay our legal fees if we obtain a successful result.

Litigation Funding – we may be able to find you a funder who will finance your legal costs, but will be entitled to receive some of your award if we obtain a successful result.


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Alexander EismanAeona
Fantastic service, Always made themselves available when needed. Great advice and got us out of a situation that could've been catastrophic for our business and very reasonable priced especially when compared to quotes from other firms. Highly recommend.
Liz Venzin, Founder and CEOMind Shift
SLG Lawyers were able to save us from a lengthy and troublesome intellectual property dispute by negotiating a positive settlement on our terms. They are wonderful to deal with, and they know how to get results!
Eilon Bar, Owner and DirectorYummba
We engaged SLG Lawyers to act for us in a litigation matter in 2015. Losing the case could have had seriously bad consequences for our business, and we had already been having issues with other law firms we hired being ineffective. Luckily, SLG Lawyers swooped in and won the court case for us (against an international law firm no less) including a costs order in our favour.We recommend using SLG Lawyers for disputes – they are hard negotiators and get results! 
Israel Leshetz, DirectorKoor Inter-Trade
We have been working with SLG Lawyers since 2009. In that time, they have been able to help us with all of our company’s day to day legal needs, including negotiating our commercial agreements, employment matters, ASIC compliance, disputes, and the acquisition and establishment of subsidiary companies. Besides this, SLG Lawyers have also been able to assist our directors and employees with related matters including visas.The main value of SLG Lawyers is that they are not just our lawyers – we see them as trusted advisors who are involved in our decision-making process. They are able to give advice which consider commercial implications as opposed to just highlighting legal issues and leaving us with no way forward. In addition, despite the time difference (we are headquartered in Israel), SLG Lawyers are always ready to take our calls.We highly recommend SLG Lawyers to businesses of any size.