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Modern business conditions have arguably pushed intellectual property right to the top of your list of priorities. Your brand name and marketing materials almost always comprise a core part of your business’s value. Exposure of your trade secrets and confidential information may result in your business losing its competitive edge. The emergence of new technologies entails that copyright and confidential information must be protected to ensure the commercial viability of your business.

Maybe because it is intangible (as opposed to tangible assets such as your premises or stock), people often fail to adequately protect and maximise the value of their intellectual property. This is a sure way to undermine your business and end up either in a costly, lengthy and stressful IP dispute, or with a business which is undervalued by a potential investor or purchaser.

SLG Lawyers has a history of creating effective strategies to protect and maximise the value of intellectual property, and one of our lawyers teaches IP in the prestigious Cambridge University law school. We act across most intellectual property areas and have a particular experience in IP litigation.


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If you want to build your brand, it is crucial to obtain trademark protection for your business’ name, logo and any relevant product or service names.

We have considerable expertise in trademark law and can advise you regarding:

• Evaluating your chances of obtaining a trademark
• Applying for a trademark in your name and dealing with any objection by the examiner or third-parties
• Ongoing monitoring of any possible infringement of your trademark
• Enforcing your trademark rights against any infringers
• Drafting licence agreements to license your trademarks


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Your trade secrets and confidential information comprise an important part of your business and could be the factor that gives you the edge over your competitors. Accordingly, it is essential that your confidential information is protected.

We assist you by:

• Drafting confidentiality agreements
• Drafting licensing agreements
• Drafting employment and consultant agreements which adequately secure your confidential information and other IP.
• Swiftly act to enforce your IP rights against any person who misuses your confidential information, and claim compensation.


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If your IP rights are being infringed (whether by third-parties, licensees, employee or others), insisting on your IP rights can be a very complicated process.
IP disputes often involve large quantities of evidence and if mishandled can result in the extinguishment of your perceived IP rights.

We can act you for in any dispute relating to IP, including:

• Trademark infringement disputes including seeking injunctions and applying to deregister an opponent’s trademark
• Breach of confidentiality
• Passing off claims
• Claims under the Australian Consumer Law, including misleading and deceptive conduct.


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You can’t overestimate the importance of branding for a business, and how difficult a re-branding process can be.

We can assist with:

• brand creation and transition.
• Creation of IP holding companies
• Drafting licensing agreements and an overall licensing strategy
• Drafting IP assignment deeds


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The internet and social media are now ubiquitous in every person’s personal life and every business.

Plenty of issues can arise in this area and we can provide help in relation to:

• Improper use of domain names which infringe your IP rights
• Acting against anyone posting defamatory content regarding you or your business


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Armin Weiner, DirectorMedsoft
SLG Lawyers helped us establish Medsoft and have since taken care of all of our business needs. This has mostly included contract review and intellectual property protections.Their constant support, quick turnaround times and ability to negotiate contracts with big organisations has been a massive benefit to our business. We strongly recommend using SLG Lawyers.
Liz Venzin, Founder and CEOMind Shift
SLG Lawyers were able to save us from a lengthy and troublesome intellectual property dispute by negotiating a positive settlement on our terms. They are wonderful to deal with, and they know how to get results!
Graham Meyerowitz, DirectorCarzapp
SLG Lawyers have guided us through the establishment of our business, creating IP protections, and the process of raising capital. By drafting our shareholders agreements and restructuring our business, they have helped us create value in our business, protected our key assets and IP and ensured that we retain our control.SLG Lawyers’ ability to provide holistic, proactive advice on the commercial aspects of a startup make them more than just your average law firm.