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Commercial law refers to the day-to-day legal needs of a business. Whatever industry you are in and whatever entity you are using to run your business, there is usually a decent amount of legal advice you are going to need if you want to grow your business efficiently and protect it from risk.

SLG Lawyers has a large commercial practice and can give you the advice which makes the day-to-day running of your business much easier, and much more secure. We can help you with:


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Never underestimate the importance of defining your business terms with someone else in a clear written agreement. Failing to do is a sure way to land yourself at risk and to undermine the value of your business to an investor.

Your agreement needs to be tailor-made to protect your specific business and give you clear options in case of a breach.

We have a wealth of experience in drafting, reviewing and advising on practically any commercial agreement, for example:

• General terms and conditions for the sale of goods or services
• Supply and distribution agreements
• Consultancy agreements
• Employment agreements
• Financing agreements such as loan agreements, equipment hire agreement and mortgages
• Licensing agreements
• Franchising agreements


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Your business’s structure is very important and could have significant implications on the value and liability risk of your business. We have the expertise to advise on the ideal vehicle (company, trust, partnership, joint-venture etc) and overall structure (whether holding companies and trading companies are needed).

We will provide you with ongoing structuring advice as your business grows, and help you carry out any restructuring. This could entail:

• Drafting constitutions, trust deeds and partnership deeds which are appropriate for your business
• Issuing new securities in a company or units in a trust, including all relevant resolutions and procedures.
• As your registered ASIC agent, report all your company changes to ASIC.


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Buying or selling a business could very well be the biggest decision of your life. The process typically takes significantly longer than the parties expect, and there are a multitude of complexities of which they are unaware.

We are able to help you throughout the entire process of buying or selling a business, including:

• For a buyer, helping identify an ideal vendor business which is a strategic fit with your business
• For a seller, finding an ideal purchaser with a proper valuation of your business and who is keen to get a deal done on fair terms
• Negotiating the terms of the deal including drafting or reviewing the sale agreement and any ancillary documents such as releases, escrow agreements and so on
• Overseeing the due diligence process including examining business assets and liabilities, IP rights material contracts, employee liabilities and so on
• Attending to post-completion matters such as earn-out payments, and bringing and defending warranty claims


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We cannot stress how important it is to have a proper agreement in place between the owners of a business. At the very least, there needs to be an agreement which clearly defines the manner in which decision-making is handled (especially when there is a deadlock or a dispute) and how a co-owner may exit the business.

Co-owners of a business which fail to enter into clear (and fair) agreements usually end up in costly, lengthy and stressful disputes, which bring the business to a halt and undermine its value.

We are able to draft, review and advise on a variety of co-owner agreements such as:

• Shareholders agreements
• Unitholders agreements
• Joint-venture agreements


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Being a company director exposes you to significant liability. We are able to advise you on your responsibilities as a director (whether to ASIC, the company and its shareholders, or creditors), and assist you in the day-to-day performance of your director duties.

This may include:

• Ensuring you are complying with your basic director duties such as acting in good faith, and acting with care and skill
• Advising in relation to any conflict of interest which may arise for you, and whether you may be using your position or information improperly
• Assisting with compliance with duty to keep books and records for the company
• As your registered ASIC agents, notifying ASIC as may be required


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Trusts are common in business, but they are inherently complicated and trustee obligations are perhaps even more onerous than director ones.

We can help you determine whether a trust structure may be appropriate for your business or personal wealth, and assist with:

• Drafting and advising on any trust deeds for discretionary (family), unit or hybrid trusts, including any speciality requirements tailored to your circumstances.
• Drafting and advising on any significant trust actions including the issue of new units in a unit trust, the replacements of a trustee, or the replacement of an appointor in a discretionary trust.
• Incorporating corporate trustees.
• Keep records of all trust actions including trustee resolutions etc


Theo EnglishBelance
Doron is very attentive and is always available for a quick phone call to discuss any legal issues our business has. It’s really nice speaking to someone who has expertise across a range of legal areas and who doesn’t charge you for every conversation. This means we can get his advice before making major decisions rather than just call him after the damage has been done. We're very happy with his services and would highly recommend SLG Lawyers!
Alexander EismanAeona
Fantastic service, Always made themselves available when needed. Great advice and got us out of a situation that could've been catastrophic for our business and very reasonable priced especially when compared to quotes from other firms. Highly recommend.
Armin Weiner, DirectorMedsoft
SLG Lawyers helped us establish Medsoft and have since taken care of all of our business needs. This has mostly included contract review and intellectual property protections.Their constant support, quick turnaround times and ability to negotiate contracts with big organisations has been a massive benefit to our business. We strongly recommend using SLG Lawyers.
Raymund Venzin, DirectorVenzin Group
We’d like to express our gratitude to SLG Lawyers for the work they have done for us over the years. The expertise and attention they have showed to our company have been invaluable. Their readiness to immediately review contracts and leases and provide straight-to-the-point advice has helped us set up multiple restaurants with minimum hassle. It is refreshing to work with lawyers who have the commercial knowledge and are committed to helping us get a deal done. We love SLG lawyers’ relationship-based approach and we plan on staying with them for a long time.
Isaac Koren, Director and OwnerSTS Stone
SLG Lawyers have provided us with advice across a whole range of legal issues. They have negotiated and drafted the trading agreements of my business, and have resolved disputes by structuring settlement deals. They have also acted as my conveyancers for a number of transactions, and helped me structure my personal wealth for the future.SLG Lawyers bring a personal touch. We appreciate how they pay prompt attention to our needs, and the fact that they can advise on a whole range of legal AND commercial issues. It makes them a one-stop-shop for all of our legal needs.
Graham Meyerowitz, DirectorCarzapp
SLG Lawyers have guided us through the establishment of our business, creating IP protections, and the process of raising capital. By drafting our shareholders agreements and restructuring our business, they have helped us create value in our business, protected our key assets and IP and ensured that we retain our control.SLG Lawyers’ ability to provide holistic, proactive advice on the commercial aspects of a startup make them more than just your average law firm.
Eilon Bar, Owner and DirectorYummba
We engaged SLG Lawyers to act for us in a litigation matter in 2015. Losing the case could have had seriously bad consequences for our business, and we had already been having issues with other law firms we hired being ineffective. Luckily, SLG Lawyers swooped in and won the court case for us (against an international law firm no less) including a costs order in our favour.We recommend using SLG Lawyers for disputes – they are hard negotiators and get results! 
Steve Shiel, CEOOzCrop
SLG Lawyers have been with us since the beginning of our business, providing us with quality structuring advice in order to minimise risk and maximise value in our business. We currently employ them on a retainer basis, with most of their work coming around corporate governance and review of trading terms, compliance and restructuring. They have also provided some help regarding debt recovery and negotiation with insurance companies.SLG Lawyers go above and beyond what you expect from your lawyer: they always make themselves available (whether by phone or by coming in to our offices), and their flexible billing arrangements mean we don't have to worry about how much we are being charged every time we have a question.It is invaluable having trusted legal and commercial advisors with you every step of the way!
Israel Leshetz, DirectorKoor Inter-Trade
We have been working with SLG Lawyers since 2009. In that time, they have been able to help us with all of our company’s day to day legal needs, including negotiating our commercial agreements, employment matters, ASIC compliance, disputes, and the acquisition and establishment of subsidiary companies. Besides this, SLG Lawyers have also been able to assist our directors and employees with related matters including visas.The main value of SLG Lawyers is that they are not just our lawyers – we see them as trusted advisors who are involved in our decision-making process. They are able to give advice which consider commercial implications as opposed to just highlighting legal issues and leaving us with no way forward. In addition, despite the time difference (we are headquartered in Israel), SLG Lawyers are always ready to take our calls.We highly recommend SLG Lawyers to businesses of any size.


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