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About Us

SLG Lawyers is an innovative commercial law firm based in Sydney.

Getting legal advice is usually costly and painful. Lawyers are often criticised for neglecting and exploiting their clients, offering only reactive advice (‘damage control’, instead of prevention) and being too uncommercial. It’s no surprise that clients become frustrated and only approach lawyers as a last resort. We like to say that “99% of lawyers give 1% a bad name”.

We are here to change that. We provide a modern approach by :

  1. offering proactive advice, aimed to preventing a problem rather than just cleaning up the mess afterwards;
  2. agreeing to fixed fees, which gives you security and forces us to work efficiently (no one likes surprise bills);
  3. prioritising your commercial considerations over anything else; and
  4. guaranteeing fast response times and availability.

By doing the above, we build trust and generally improve the lawyer-client relationship. This allows us to provide you with more value and reduce your stress.

If you are tired of getting a bad service or have had enough of the outdated traditional law firms, please contact us today.




We aim to prevent a problem from happening, not clean up the mess afterwards. This is usually cheaper and less stressful for you


Our lawyers have real commercial experience as business owners and employees, so they understand that your commercial considerations are more important to you than legal technicalities.


This gives you security and forces us to work efficiently. It also allows you to contact us without fearing the bill  escalating


Eric Shmilovits


Eric is the principal and managing director of SLG Lawyers. Eric began his legal career in Israel over 20 years ago (where he still owns a practice) and founded SLG Lawyers in 2009. Eric’s practice ranges across the whole spectrum of civil law, with particular focus on commercial law, civil litigation, mergers and acquisition, construction, intellectual property and family law.

Eric has been the co-owner and director of leading technology and construction companies in Israel and Germany. He has founded and successfully exited startups which sold around the world, including CellTraff, a traffic management & control system that enabled speedy data transfer over GPRS network. The system and patent was sold to Tyco (Traffic & Transportation) in 2004.

Eric’s personal experiences in the commercial space has given him a holistic understanding of the issues faced by his clients and his global experience gives him unique insights. This enables him to provide proactive advice on both legal and commercial implications of a course of action.


Admitted in Australia and Israel

Israeli Notary

LLB Bachelor of Laws | The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo

Ba Bachelor of Arts, Physics | Technion -Israel Institute of Technology

Doron Shmilovits


Doron is a director of SLG Lawyers. Doron was born in Israel but was raised in Sydney and attended Moriah College and then the University of New South Wales, from which he graduated with Honours. Doron’s practice is primarily focused on commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property and personal wealth management (including estate planning and asset protection).

Doron is the founder of the web initiative Uni Study Guides which is a free website providing university students with help for their subjects, and more generally, information to the public about the legal system. Doron ardently believes in free access of information and the availability of education to all, and has made it a mission to clarify legal principles to everyday people for free on Uni Study Guides.

Doron’s personal interaction skills and understanding nature help him connect with his clients and remove the traditional boundaries characterising the lawyer-client relationship. He is committed to going the extra mile, prioritising the client’s needs, and doing away with the formalities and stigmas associated with the legal profession.


Admitted in Australia

LLB Bachelor of Laws, Honours | University of New South Wales

Ba Bachelor of Arts, History | University of New South Wales

Our fee arrangements

Our fee arrangements are designed to limit your risk and incentivise our employees to work efficiently. You may be able to choose from the following options:

Fixed Fee – we will limit your risk by committing to a capped fee.

Monthly Retainer – add your legal expenses into your usual pay cycle.

No-Win No-Fee – we will take on the risk of litigation.

Hourly rates – we offer very competitive hourly rates.

Litigation funding – we may be able to connect you with someone who will provide you finance.